The Kanyini story so far…

Interconnectedness: To care, grow, nurture and support

Kanyini has had an interesting journey so far, having started as a social enterprise, she ended up as a blog. I can’t let her go…

My life transformed when I did my PGCE in post compulsory education. A new world opened up and I developed a passionate interest in where education could take people. Having done my placement in a further education college in a socially and economically deprived part of the West Midlands, I quickly found my home within community education. Kanyini was born.

Kanyini is a Pintjinjatjura word meaning to care for, to help grow, to nurture and to support. It is the native Australian philosophy… their approach to life, and to me summed up everything I wanted to be: a social enterprise using craft and practical therapeutic activities to engage hard to reach, socially and economically deprived adults, vulnerable adults and those with physical and intellectual disabilities. I was in heaven. I believed I could do everything as I was in my element. I burnt out after three years.

I ended up in IT with a steady income and room to grow. However, Kanyini never left me. The fire to continue what I had started burned bright and after sidelining at work by writing developmental blogs and delivering workshops…we are here.

Kanyini is a blog site exploring adult education within the non-profit and social enterprise sector. It is personal, professional and organisational development. And I have plans for it to be so much more. Older, wiser and infinitely more prepared, Kanyini’s journey starts here.


My beautiful girls and I